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What is Core to She’s Geeky?

What is Core to She’s Geeky?

  1. We exist to produce regional unConferences for women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) across North America.
  2. We facilitate the emergence of women technologists forming the professional and personal networks they need to sustain them over their careers through these regional events that provide a venue that allows women to bring their full selves forward.
  3. The unConferences are for women only [however it should be noted that they are transgender friendly] and are a neutral inclusive space that does not privilege any one kind of geek, technology, or discipline.
  4. There is not a test to get in or framing that excludes women without formal technical education.
  5. We are inclusive of all ages and support and encourage intergenerational storytelling and skill transfer.
  6. We celebrate educational and leadership learning opportunities for women at all stages of their careers.
  7. We encourage women to speak about their work and collaborate with other women in tech groups to advocate for more women being on stage at technical conferences and events.
  8. We believe that having more women technologists changes the kind of technologies that get developed and built.
  9. We are not anti-male and we believe that through creating woman’s only spaces, we are supporting women connecting to each other and supporting the advancement of women in the STEM fields. Our experience is that with even with a few men in the room at tech events, women technologists defer speaking and sharing. It is for this reason that we limit attendance of men to encourage women to speak, often for the first time, as technologists.
  10. We work to document and disseminate successful and effective strategies to create women friendly cultures in STEM work places and communities.
  11. We work with existing women STEM groups that are local and national. We work to support and connect women to and strengthen these existing groups and networks.
  12. We work to support groups of women to continue meeting after an unconference happens in their region.
  13. We seek partnership with male allies to address the challenges that face women in technical workplaces and communities. This may in time involve some mixed events specifically around these issues.

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