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What are some of the benefits of attending Shes Geeky?

Shes Geeky convenes to inspire women for the future, creating a space to connect women from diverse STEM communities. We work with and promote existing activists and organizations in regions around the country, inviting them all to meet at an interactive event called an UnConference where the agenda is created live at the event by the people in attendance.

Inspiration and vital networks are a key deliverables of the events filling a vital role helping with retention (women who are working professionally choosing stay in their respective industry or a related one rather then dropping out of STEM work). Women at Shes Geeky are re-energized and re-inspired at the event because they can share their work with other geeky women and grow a network that energizes them to continue working in their respective fields.

Since the first successful event in 2007. We have hosted 10 events in the last five years around the country inclusive of women of all ages who self-identify as geeks. The inclusive quality of Shes Geeky offers women an opportunity to present their work, often for the first time, discuss critical issues and build peer networks for support. We attract women from a broad spectrum of technological specialties, professions, industries, levels of expertise, and across generations. Shes Geeky advances systemic change in tech culture by disseminating effective practices to address the challenges of women working in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

By attending She’s Geeky, you benefit from the opportunity to:

  1. Build relationships and even partnerships across disciplines.
  2. Learn something new from other geeky women.
  3. Find answers to the questions that matter to you.
  4. Consider business issues related to the technology industry.
  5. Be exposed to new ideas for making and keeping technology relevant.

Shes Geeky Success!

  • Weve inspired and given women the courage to return to work in their fields
  • Weve inspired women to seek work in more technical fields perusing their passion despite the obstacles because the found a network of support.
  • Weve connected women with similar interests and passions who have gone on to found their own groups that meet regularly throughout the year.
  • Weve connected women across a range a vast range of fields including entrepreneurs, funders, hardware designers, fabricators, math knitters, open source developers, free culture activists, nonprofit and any other technical or “geeky” field.
  • Weve connected the generations and range of women working in or interested in technology and science, from those in middle school to the elder pioneers in their 70’s and from self employed programmers to C level executives in the technology and science industries. After the first day of the first Shes Geeky event, a piece published in the San Jose Mercury News titled: Conference Offers Insight for Women Geeks by Mike Swift prompted several retired pioneering women in tech to attend the second day and contribute their wisdom.
  • Weve had have had girls in middle and high school attend. In NYC we had a group of middle and high school girls attended the event. They were from a program (Camp Interactive) that worked with at risk youth taking them camping, empowering them with cameras (video and still) and when they returned teaching them how to make websites. The opportunity to connect with adult women working in tech was powerful for them as well as for the women attending.

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  1. Irit

    I would be interested in getting more info if you ever get to the Midwest (Kansas City area)


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