Unconference FAQs

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She’s Geeky FAQs

She's Geeky – where did the name come from?

Naming She’s Geeky Mary Hodder and Kaliya Hamlin were brainstorming in IM for a name for the conference and were riffing of the title of a recently published book – She’s such a Geek that is an anthology of essays by women about their geekiness. Once the name came in the summer of 2007, it …

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What are some of the benefits of attending She’s Geeky?

She’s Geeky convenes to inspire women for the future, creating a space to connect women from diverse STEM communities. We work with and promote existing activists and organizations in regions around the country, inviting them all to meet at an interactive event called an UnConference where the agenda is created live at the event by …

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What is Core to She’s Geeky?

What is Core to She’s Geeky? We exist to produce regional unConferences for women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) across North America. We facilitate the emergence of women technologists forming the professional and personal networks they need to sustain them over their careers through these regional events that provide a venue that allows …

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Who Comes to She’s Geeky Events?

She’s Geeky attendees come from many industries, including: Open Source Web 2.0 Finance Advertising Biotech Hardware companies Enterprise IT The Nonprofit Technology Sector Portals Search Engines Social Networking Sites Research for and about technology/people Startups Product building/management in large organizations Robotics Gaming Mobile Using the tools of the Web (like blogging). Technical Writing Blogging Social …

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Why don’t you have local She’s Geeky Chapters?

From its inception She’s Geeky has taken a unique approach.  We are not a “once a year” big national conference like BlogHer. Nor are we an “open source brand” where anyone can produce an ad-hoc event with our name, like BarCamp. We also are not a membership organization and do not have local chapters.  There …

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How do we pick cities?

She’s Geeky is an unconference Event that lives in-between a “traditional” once a year conference and an open source camp style event that anyone can do anywhere. Hosting and putting on an unConference is not a trivial matter and to do it well and with consistent quality requires a certain level of professionalism and expertise. …

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