She’s Geeky 11, Twin Cities October 2012

We are super excited to announce the 3rd year of She’s Geeky in the Twin Cities.

The event will be at St. Paul’s Science Museum once again.


Organized by the fabulous  Jacque Urick and Liz Tupper.

We’ve had about 100 people the last two years.

You can read a blog post on Tech dot MN



So how does She’s Geeky work?
The “un” part of unconfernece is about this being almost like a conference – amazing people, amazing discussions, great presentations. The big difference is that instead of a pre-planned agenda, the agenda is created live the day of the event by all the geek women who attend. Here is more on how an unconference day works in our FAQ.

Who is it for?
We welcome geeks of all kinds and all levels of geekiness. All the way from formally trained multi-PhD recipients in very technical fields to those who geek out on the weekend making cool gadgets.  If you think you are even a little bit geeky about something, you are most welcome.

Since 2007, we have hosted 10 events around the country inclusive of women of all ages who self-identify as geeks. We attract women from a broad spectrum of technological specialties, professions, industries, levels of expertise, and across generations.  More about She’s Geeky some of our history and what is Core to She’s Geeky.

How do I know it will be good?
It is hard to describe how much fun this event is for women who attend.  To be in a room with 100s who are both women and geeky is really an amazing thing to experience.  We want you to join us!

What will I get out of it?
Women attending She’s Geeky events find inspiration and gain self confidence to pursue or continue on STEM career paths because they are given the opportunity to present their work, often for the first time, discuss critical issues and build peer networks for support.