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She’s Geeky 9, Twin Cities #2, Sept 2011

She’s Geeky – Twin Cities #2 was a great success.

She's Geeky Twin Cities, Sept 23 & 24, 2011

We had 75 women attend the conference with an amazing diversity of sessions. Notes will be posted shortly along with other updates.

Thank you to the Science Museum of Minnesotafor hosting our event and all of our sponsors for their generous support!

Corporate Sponsors

clockwork active media systems logoScience Museum of Minnesota Logo

Community Sponsors

minne* minnesota's tech & startup communities

SieEnt: a new kind of video game company



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  1. Wendy Sandstrom

    I live in Southern Minnesota, so if there are meetings in the Cities i may not be able to attend all of them. But I would be glad to help out any way I can.

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