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She’s Geeky 6: Twin Cities August 7-8, 2010

The first Shes Geeky in the Twin Cities was a success!

Thank you to the Twin Cities based organizing Host Team Lead by Liz Tupper @etupper and Jacque Urick @moarinternets ,and supported by Tami Esslinger @too_much_boredom , Whitney Shaw @whitneytaylor , Nicky Witters @nickywitters, Amelie Collins @panelectric, Elizabeth Petterson @betz_mn, Karen Scott and Jody Cabeen.

The Event was attended by 80 women and two daughters over the two days. 42 sessions were posted and held. You can access the Book of Proceedings of the notes. As you scroll down you will find links to Press and Blog Posts about She’s Geeky Twin Cities, transcription of the responses to the end of the day reflection for both days and a Thank You to our event Sponsors.

Links to Press and Blog Posts:

ABOUT She’s Geeky http://www.shesgeeky.org/2010/07/shes-geeky-twin-cities-august-6-7th/

Interview with local organizer of the event Liz Tupper http://tech.mn/news/2010/07/21/calling-all-girl-geeks-shes-geeky-unconference-makes-its-first-midwest-stop-in-the-twin-cities/

Why Shes Geeky is Important to me by Jacqueline Urick http://www.jacquelineurick.com/2010/07/22/why-shes-geeky-is-important-to-me/

Jacqueline Urick post event blog post http://www.jacquelineurick.com/2010/08/12/after-shes-geeky-twin-cities/

Tammy Young – Post event Blog Post http://ymmat.com/2010/08/08/shes-geeky/

Sasha Westin Post event Blog Post http://fabuliss.wordpress.com/2010/08/09/fabuliss-helps-shes-geeky-twin-cities-learn-more-about-style/

@socialnicole post event Blog Post http://socialnicole.com/

@lgmelcher post event story for techdotmn http://tech.mn/news/2010/08/11/girl-geeks-in-action-a-look-back-at-last-weekends-shes-geeky-unconference/

@iphouse http://blogs.iphouse.net/2010/08/09/shes-geeky-unconference/

Jenna Pederson post event Blog Post http://blog.jennapederson.com/2010/shes-geeky-in-review/

Kay Roseland http://kayroseland.wordpress.com/2010/08/09/shes-geeky-and-she-was-in-st-paul-this-weekend/

End of Day Review/Reflection:

Read how attendees completed the sentence As a result of today. that was presented at the end of the day

  • I met more women interested in what Im interested in and came away with some great ideas in insights!
  • I am excited to do more networking
  • I feel more confident about networking with women and more Geeky (Im also cleaning out my closed)
  • I appreciate the many points of view in my office
  • I feel more empowered to pursue my geeky passions (and Im getting some business cards!)
  • I have some new connections with inspiring women and a re-energized passion for building, innovating and just doing good work
  • I remembered I can talk to people I dont know
  • Ive been re-encouraged that my Geekiness is loved and accepted
  • I feel inspired to pursue my passions and want to more actively support those of other women
  • I feel re-energized, confident and smart
  • We will meet up and do illustration/arts & crafts animation/acting – teach projects that explore and explain programming structure and algorithms
  • I got to find out the a lot of women like making things like I do
  • I feel more confident that Im doing the right things
  • Ive me so many women like me
  • I will look for more similar opportunities in the future
  • I was able to better express the unifying thread in my career & I feel more confident about my job search with some useful ideas & Im proud of being a Geek
  • I expanded my network with some great people
  • I connected with other women who are entrepreneurs or who want to be entrepreneurs
  • We learned a lot from everyone and have a lot of new fodder for our style blog
  • Geeky is even more awesome!
  • I am going to demand my boss finally give my performance review and try to negotiate a salary increase
  • I will be reassessing work and life
  • I might start a blog (something Ive wanted todo for a while) OR figure out how social media would help a start-up business
  • I feel more grounded in myself
  • I have made a lot of connections in the technology industry
  • I will follow my ba
  • I will begin to meet on a regular basis with fellow women entrepreneurs I met today, and take the next step with a business idea Ive had for years!
  • I feel like a successful entrepreneur and an expert in my field
  • Im going to reflect on how often I ask for a raise
  • I extended my network!
  • I will not think of my job as work but a passion
  • Ive made new connections with some awesomely geeky women
  • I got to play mini golf with great women, and learn about how embracing my inner geek can do wonders for my career life!
  • I am going to get someone I work with to present at a conference
  • I met some Great People that I will continue to stay in touch with
  • I have received badly needed tips to help me organize my life
  • I have some new contacts my user group may have new members I found a lot of fabulous people to follow on twitter I have a lot more reading material
  • I feel more confident in the way Ill work with outside vendors
  • I met some interesting gamer Geeks
  • I met Geeky women in far more fields than I normally do
  • Thanks for stimulating conversations and insights
  • I feel recharged and energized and know someone reads my blog
  • Affirms my belief in people coming together to learn and be open to each other and new viewpoints!
  • I feel better equipped and more motivated to seek out a career that speaks to my passion!
  • I feel like I have expanded my network
  • Im reminded how important being surrounded by women is to my/our growth, personally and professionally
  • I feel more comfortable networking, more focused and more connected to my career path
  • I am going to GTD my closet
  • I will wield the command line like a knife!
  • I know there are other women in tech and who are otherwise Geeky and I feel more connected
  • Im reenergized because so many women really do care about learning how to dress better
  • Ive received a lot of support and learned about new resources
  • I am super certain I need to work on articulating and discovering the path I should be on
  • Im going to add Professional McGyver to my linked-in resume and not just my twitter account
  • I am full of ideas and I hope that Ive helped others come up with their own. Lets make things happen!
  • I met people who could help me address my two most pressing business problems
  • Be better about staying engaged with the wonderful women I met this weekend

… I didn’t like it – I LOVED it!

Thank you again to our Sponsors!

The Science Museum of Minnesota www.smm.org @sceincemuseummn

Clockwork Active Media Systems http://www.clockwork.net/ @clockwork_tweet

ipHouse http://www.ipHouse.com/ @iphouse

Fabuliss Fabuliss.com @Fabuliss

Minnestart http://www.minnestar.org@minnebar

SieEnt http://www.sieent.com @sieEnt

UMN – MinneWebCon http://www.minnewebcon.umn.edu/

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