She’s Geeky 7: New York City, October 29-30, 2010

She’s Geeky NYC #2 – Hosted @ Microsoft

Over the two days 14 women attended and posted 17 topics!

Session Topics

  • The Psychology of (site) Development & men vs women
  • Women and Entrepreneurship
  • Skills – how to build technical knowledge outside the classroom
  • Open Source Recruiting and Manangement & Open Source H/W and S/W Projects
  • How To Have a Fulfilling Family Life – When You’re Not June Cleaver & Achieving Balance – Making Time For Work and Having a Life
  • Being A Women In A Male Dominated Field: How to manage the “challenges”
  • Women and Gaming (feminist and sci fi)
  • Microsoft Isn’t Evil (I Swear) & Tour of
  • What Is Missing? How Can We Build SG In NYC & Where Are The Women?
  • Finding Mentors
  • Start-ups in NYC & Boston
  • Do women today know enough about technology to solve major problems?  In other words, are women trained and experts enough to solve problems (like cleaning up the oil spill) if they were put in a room and given resources?
  • Women in Tech Writing: a few on Mashable – One on Tech Crunch? – RWW? – TNW two or three
  • Blogging Success: Page Impression – Monetize – Frequency – Length
  • Tech Hobbies – Beyond Programming & Incorporating Into Career Opportunites
  • Corporate Politics:  Women/Affinity

As a result of today…. (She’s Geeky NYC…)

  •       I will be more pro-active about introducing  OS to my work
  •      I’ve met similarly passionate women who have given excellent advice, I will take and act on.
  •      I have been able to connect with spirited, powerful women who have reminded me – that incredible opportunities are present themselves to you when you  ask for what you want.
  •      I am going to be more aware of women-owned businesses in my field and how/what they are doing
  •      1) I learned I love Open Space Technology  2) I became more excited by my new business venture 3)Got inspired by the women in tech 4)Witnesses the power of women sharing and collaborating
  •      I met some great women I may cross paths with in the future. I gave some good thoughts and lent an ear to the topics proposed
  •      Nework
  •      Confirmed that OST really does work well in small groups!

General Resources that came out of the discussions:

  • James Joyce – a “Hair Geek”  extraordinaire in NYC! You can find him at Ricky’s Store at 14th between 15th and Union Square (or ping @blogdiva for specifics!)
  • Free Microsoft Softward for Startups -
  • Coding for Charity –  MLK Weekend in January! Tech and non-profit volunteers needed – it’s a lot of fun too!


 This event came together with the support and help of the following fine women: Anna Curran = @annacurran

Lindsay Lindsrtom = @lindsayinphilly

Sara Holoubek = @sarita

Liza Sabater = @blogdiva

Tanya Balsky = @tanyasnarks

Kas Neteler – @kasneteler

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For more information about She’s Geeky unConferences you can read Mary Hodders post about She’s Geeky leading up to the recent Twin Cities event here.

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