RIP, Eno Jackson

We are sad to note the untimely passing of Eno Jackson, who died last week in Oakland. Over the years Eno has been a participant, advocate, connector and recruiter for She’s Geeky, and a true champion for women in STEM. Eno created the world’s first Web site focusing on the arts and history of women […]

Seattle Day 2: Topics for the Day

Here are the topics of discussion for Day 2 of She’s Geeky – Seattle: How to learn and develop skills with volunteer/pro-bono work in tech? Explaining tech talk to non-techies Four Cell Phones Pop Corn: How does today’s tech impact our health Networking with women “Seeing the future” – Geeks raising geeks – sons, daughters, […]

I’m Geeky Because… (Day 2, Seattle)

I’m geeky because… I recently found “Fringe” on Netflix and watched all episodes and found myself depressed when it was done. I’ve spent so much time during my life pondering why I’m geeky. As an english major I’m discovering interest in math & tech I enjoyed yesterday’s session and sharing with friends/family about the experience. Also […]

Seattle Notes: Content Creation

Friday Session 4H Convener and Notetaker: Megan Spurr Specific Resources that Surface in Your Session Youtube, Patreon, URL’s and other Links, Books, Organizations, Articles etc: Kathy Gill Notes and/or 3-5 key points discussed: Do what comes natural to you, because it would seem disingenuous, and you could easily run out of content Be real time, […]