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Sep 07

RIP, Eno Jackson

We are sad to note the untimely passing of Eno Jackson, who died last week in Oakland. Over the years Eno has been a participant, advocate, connector and recruiter for She’s Geeky, and a true champion for women in STEM.

Eno created the world’s first Web site focusing on the arts and history of women of the African diaspora, for which she was included in the Smithsonian Museum of American History. She consulted in financial services, strategic analysis for the information technology industry, and development for the nonprofit sector. She was an MBA alumna of the MIT Sloan School of Management.

We will miss her greatly.

When we know more about memorial services we will post the information in an update to this post.

May 10

Seattle Day 2: Topics for the Day


Here are the topics of discussion for Day 2 of She’s Geeky – Seattle:

  • How to learn and develop skills with volunteer/pro-bono work in tech?
  • Explaining tech talk to non-techies
  • Four Cell Phones Pop Corn: How does today’s tech impact our health
  • Networking with women
  • “Seeing the future” – Geeks raising geeks – sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, friends, students
  • How do you encourage respect when there’s an argument about what respect is/entails?
  • Closing the Wage Gap: what is within our control
  • The art of salary negotiation: how to do it without being super awkward
  • Negotiating for a better salary or raise
  • In the mind of a recruiter (or, how to get a job)
  • Social ease for geeky gals
  • Camper Van Tips + Tricks + Adventures
  • Work/Life Balance: Strategies for setting- and keeping- limits and goals
  • Open Source Textbooks
  • The “Bossyness” Discussion – what do you think about girls/women and being called bossy?
  • What happens when humanity merges with technology?
  • The Right Fit: Finding the “perfect” team
  • Twitter – tips, tricks, how to’s!
  • She’s Geeky – Next?
  • Lady Lifehacks
  • Bottlenecks to tech products that help moms? What can we do?
  • What is your favorite geeky thing right now?
  • Casting a wider net with STEM – reaching underserved populations in K-12 education
  • Canned Comebacks: what to say when someone says something…weird/bad/inapproprite


May 10

I’m Geeky Because… (Day 2, Seattle)

photo 2

I’m geeky because…

  • I recently found “Fringe” on Netflix and watched all episodes and found myself depressed when it was done.
  • I’ve spent so much time during my life pondering why I’m geeky.
  • As an english major I’m discovering interest in math & tech
  • I enjoyed yesterday’s session and sharing with friends/family about the experience. Also – I get pure joy from my funny cat Jack
  • I spent 2 hours talking my husband’s ear off last night about all the interesting topics we discussed companies and people I met, and cool technologies I learned about.
  • I like to use technology to make life easier and to find shortcuts.
  • I was voted Girl Most Likely to Merge with her Computer by by senior class in high school
  • I love fiddly electronics and hardware bits, sci fi, fantasy, many sorts of gaming
  • I self declared as weird in 9th grade
  • Technology surprises me, delights me, and will one day save my life and possibly the planet
  • I love solving technical problems
  • I learned to program in 1966
  • I grew up with 4 very geeky brothers – there wasn’t room for a non-geeky girl
  • I enjoy: math, learning, composting demos
  • I feel the need to very thoroughly explore the incredible world around me. (And I satisfy that need as much as possible!)
  • I get a little too excited about metadata.
  • I love solving problems
  • I like numbers and science fiction and making things work and finding weird connections between diverse stuff.
  • Physics background
  • Everything is interesting
  • I like to know how things work
  • Puzzles are fun, be they math/programming problems or actual puzzles.
  • Favorite hobby: music
  • I love to learn new things while blogging.
  • Unexpectedly, I have had an amazing career in technology (I was a Humanities student!)
  • I hang around to get photos with the scientists and researchers at National Geographic
  • I like to make things go (creating, building, debugging, using) and like all the future-thinking in F & SF
  • Learning is my favorite pastime
  • I like living an evidence-based life.
  • I started programming on a PDP11 in 1977. Acoustic coupler modem from a Decluriter to a machine 60 miles away
  • I like to know how everything works and how to make things do what I want them to.
  • I was born to be. Dad is a geek and as the oldest, I was the first to bond with Dad over things like Star Trek and math problems.

May 10

Seattle Notes: Dreaming the Future …as Women

Convenor: Sonia

Photos: Jennifer


photo1 photo2 photo3

May 10

Seattle Notes: Content Creation

Friday Session 4H
Convener and Notetaker: Megan Spurr

Specific Resources that Surface in Your Session
Youtube, Patreon,

URL’s and other Links, Books, Organizations, Articles etc:
Kathy Gill

Notes and/or 3-5 key points discussed:

  • Do what comes natural to you, because it would seem disingenuous, and you could easily run out of content
  • Be real time, be something of value, and not self-serving
  • Make it simple and do-able
  • “You gotta have a gimmick”

May 10

She’s Geeky Seattle: As a Result of Today (Friday)

At the end of each day we like to ask a reflective question to the participants. Here’s the what they had to say on Day 1 of She’s Geeky Seattle 2014.

As a result of today…

  • I appreciate the vast variety of personalities who make up the female “geek” spectrum
  • I have two contacts for a new job
  • I will ask more people for feedback on what I create, and celebrate my success with them!
  • I am taking the GRE for grad school!
  • I look forward to having more unique conversations with more unique people.
  • I am more informed and enlightened.
  • I feel empowered to put myself in new uncomfortable situations and be vulnerable to failure
  • I am ready to re-evaluate my work/life balance
  • I have discovered more “on-ramps” from the non-tech to tech world
  • I feel a much greater sense of support
  • I’m going to share my feelings with the people I trust so it won’t affect my work
  • I am finishing a girl’s friendly coding business and finishing my women in CS book
  • I made new connections across…companies, technologies, ideologies
  • I remember how valuable it is to take a day for me and connect with new people
  • I will motivate myself to kickstart my side project
  • I know that there are better jobs and companies out there that I should be working for
  • I’m more inspired to advocate for young girls to look at computer science, DigiGirlz, TEALS, etc.
  • I met a lot of amazing women who I have more in common with than I would’ve thought
  • I am inspired to step out of my comfort zone and lean in to different areas I am passionate about but may not be “good” at yet
  • Gonna devote more time to my startup and promote/celebrate little victories
  • I will relax more…insist less, control less
  • I want to learn Esparanto and hire women in tech
  • I’m going to read “Why Women Mean Business”
  • I feel more comfortable with some ideas in my mind that I’ve never expressed before.
  • I learned what esperanto is
  • I feel encouraged to have conversations on salary negotiation if not satisfied
  • I don’t feel so alone in my working world.
  • I know others are navigating similar issues to me.
  • I feel like I belong

May 09

Seattle Notes: Confidence & Gender Politics (Navigating the Boys’ Club)

Friday Session 1 A
Convener & Notetaker: Sonia L.

Gender politics in business:

  • Classic generalization: men engage in conflict to determine status and women engage to win
  • Men — and mixed groups — hear women differently than men
  • Assertive women often seen in a negative light, even if they do the same things, so sometimes women simply can’t win, no matter what we do
  • Can we change the narrative? Change the game?

Changing the Game

  • Calling out the problem
  • Direct conversation without blame
  • Women supporting each other as a group (think wolf-pack)
  • Recruit male allies
  • Humor?

Handling emotional reactions in the workplace (eg: fear of crying):

  • Own the reaction rather than pretending it’s not happening
  • Keep the business conversation going
  • Put the other at ease (as best you can) by telling them it’s okay
  • Lead the message where you want it to go
  • Humor

Dealing with Challenge (like being talked over or dismissed)

  • Keep talking in an even tone rather than give up the floor
  • Repeat yourself calmly
  • Point out that you (or allies) already said that / build on the points
  • Line up support from allies ahead of time
  • Call out issues directly
  • Humor!

Creating Confidence in the Moment

  • Physiological changes result from good posture and smiling (faking it actually works)
  • Taking time to breathe ahead of time
  • Talking to allies before and after
  • Emotional reactions can be fine if you believe and act as if they are, and keep the conversation clean of blame

May 09

Seattle Notes: Start up & Day job

Friday Session 3 C
Convener: Aparna
Notetaker: Megan

Specific Resources that Surface in Your Session
Google Calendars; Reddit; StackOverFlow.com; Devchx.com;

URL’s and other Links, Books, Organizations, Articles etc:
Womancecomics.com; Pagebreakpodcast.com; Dorkadia.com; GeekyMommaMare.com;

Notes and/or 3-5 key points discussed:

  • Take a small two week break to try something rather than a sabbatical
  • Use Google Calendar’s to schedule the times to do what you want to do
  • Utilize a business / life coach
  • Find a group / partner so you have people to be accountable
  • If not using a group, tell other people what you are up to, and they will be asking you about your progress
  • Find times that you will not be distracted by other commitments – take the bus and work while there! Do your passion at early hours when you would otherwise have been drinking coffee on the couch
  • Reach out and find people for help!

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